Four Roses, OSMO Salt Team for Bourbon Salt Product


January 13, 2023

Osmo Salt Four Roses Small Batch bourbon salt square

Four Roses and OSMO Salt announced the release of the latter brand’s first-ever spirit-infused flavor: OSMO x Four Roses Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt.

The first-ever co-branded culinary product from Four Roses, the salt was created for cocktail enthusiasts for rimming bourbon drinks and for home chefs for adding a robust yet sweet touch to meals this Valentine’s Day. OSMO x Four Roses Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt is now available for a limited time on OSMO Salt’s website for $18.99. A gift set that includes the salt and a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon is also available to purchase on for $60.99.

To create OSMO x Four Roses Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt, clay-based red sea salt was harvested from between Hawaiian lava rocks, and then purified to give it its vibrant red color before allotting the salt time to breathe for optimal full flavor absorption. Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon was then poured over the crystals, which evaporates naturally once a combination of solar light and wind is applied. This process allows the bourbon and the salt to maintain their natural compositions. The result is a full body infused flavor that maintains the integrity of both the natural salt and Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon.

“As a brand built on a story of romance, we believe that the best way to enjoy bourbon is to share it with those you love,” said Brent Elliott, Four Roses Master Distiller. “This salt allows Four Roses to shine through in a way unlike anything we’ve done before. The toasted vanilla flavors perfectly balance out the spice notes of our Small Batch Bourbon, and the brininess of the salt subtly enhances the whiskey’s flavor and smoothness even more.”

Nick DiGiovanni, American chef, MasterChef finalist, internet personality and entertainer, co-founded OSMO salt in 2021 in an effort to elevate at-home cooking, constantly innovating to bring unique flavors to his consumers. With over 9.5M TikTok followers, Nick’s viral recipe videos – which have featured celebrities and notable names – often utilize OSMO Salts for seasoning and adding the perfect finish to dishes and drinks.

“I created OSMO because salt has the unique ability to round out any dish. In this case, our Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt adds an unexpected touch and uniquely balances the flavor of whiskey cocktails,” said Nick DiGiovanni. “This Valentine’s Day, we want to show you that you can be your own mixologist or chef and easily create restaurant-quality craft cocktails and meals at home with one simple ingredient.”

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