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All of Fred’s books are available at his local bookstore, Carmichael’s in Louisville.

Coming Soon, Rum Curious (Voyager Press, June 2017)

Bourbon: The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of An American Whiskey (Voyager Press, October 2016)

Praise for Bourbon…

Smithsonian Magazine: One of the  “Best Books About Food of 2016”

“… a freewheeling, informative and, at times, scholarly and chronological trip through the history of this intoxicating liquor….” — Red Dirt Report

“Fred Minnick’s Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey dispels historical fiction while taking the reader on a timeline journey of American whiskey’s highs and lows. You’re ultimately left with the feeling of pride that you drink bourbon – Bill Thomas, owner of the world’s top bourbon bar, Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington, D.C.

“For anyone who thinks they know it all about bourbon, delve into this fascinating new look at everyone’s favorite brown water. With his sharp eye for detail, historical accuracy and modern relevancy, Mr. Minnick’s take on the history of bourbon will become an indispensable volume for bourbon fans worldwide – Edward Lee, chef, author, of Smoke and Pickles, and host of PBS’s The Mind of a Chef, Season 3

“It’s been clear for some time now that Fred Minnick is America’s finest authority on spirits, and his new book on bourbon seals the dealA¢â,¬â??impeccably researched, beautifully illustrated, and written with such informed individuality that reading the book is like listening to the engaging teacher whose lectures enthralled you as much as enlightened you. There’s never a last word on any subject, but Minnick’s new book is unlikely to be exceeded by anything better for a long time to come – John Mariani, author of The Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink

“Minnick’s Bourbon is an instant classic – Mike Veach, author of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage

“Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey in an important addition to American whiskey literature, and it’s worth a read for anyone interested in bourbon’s complex regulatory history.” –  –

Bourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker (Zenith, August 2015)cropped-BourbonCurious-Cover.jpg

Praise for Bourbon Curious….

“Bourbon Curious is a straight shot of smarts about America’s whiskey, served up by bourbon’s best friend, Fred Minnick.” — Lew Bryson, author of Tasting Whiskey: An Insider’s Guide to the Unique Pleasures of the World’s Finest Spirits

“Minnick takes off at a sprint and never slows down. He makes reading so easy you barely notice you’re doing it. Suddenly you know things, true things, unlike the bar boors he skewers mercilessly. A reporter at heart, Minnick wants to see and do everything himself, which is very satisfying for the reader.“ — Charles K. Cowdery, Author of Bourbon, Strange

“The world has been waiting for this book. An inside peek into an often mysterious world where lore runs deep and facts can be difficult to discern from mythology. Fred has broken down the walls and put forth a reference guide and delightful read that will be treasured by Bourbon enthusiasts for years to come.” – Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Author of The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique

“Fred Minnick lives in the bourbon trenches and is one of the most informed voices covering the whiskey industry. In Bourbon Curious, he shares the kind of hard-won knowledge that will enlighten even the most seasoned connoisseur. It’s a charming and smart read for both newbies and old hands.” – Reid Mitenbuler, author of BourbonEmpire: The Past and Future of America’s Whiskey

Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon Scotch & Irish Whiskey (Potomac, Oct. 2013)

Praise for Whiskey Women…

“The necessary new book Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch & Irish Whiskey tells us exactly why the pinky-in-the-air, fruity-drink cliché has never, ever been true. Forget umbrellas in cocktails: Kentucky journalist Fred Minnick shows us how the fairer sex established liquor techniques, culture, and tastes as we know it today.” —

“This enjoyable book leaves readers feeling a way they’re likely not accustomed to after such a wild, whiskey-soaked ride: enlightened.” — American Way Magazine

“…fascinating…” —

“Whiskey Women is an entertaining and unexpected look at the role of women in the spirits industry. They were an integral part of this history and I’m delighted their story is finally being told.” — Southern Foodways Alliance

“Ask even the most committed spirits aficionado about the contributions of women to the bourbon, scotch and Irish whiskey industry, and you’ll probably draw a blank. Minnick, an elegant writer and fastidious scholar, not only fills in those blanks, but shows how women at Bushmills, Maker’s Mark and Johnnie Walker owe much of their success, even salvation, to women like Bessie Williamson, who became the head of Laphroiag Distillery and the spokeswoman for the troubled scotch industry.” — John Mariani,

Other Books

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