Frey Ranch Releases Single Malt Smoked Whiskey


November 8, 2023

Frey Ranch Smoked Single Malt Whiskey bottle

Frey Ranch Distillery announced the limited release of Frey Ranch American Single Malt Smoked Whiskey. At 110 proof and aged for six years and seven months, Frey Ranch American Single Malt Smoked was produced using 100 percent of the slow-grown barley that is grown, harvested – and now smoked – and then milled and distilled –– on the Frey Ranch farm.

As with all Frey Ranch Whiskeys, Frey Ranch Co-Founder and Whiskey Farmer Colby Frey employed his farming and mechanical acumen in making this whiskey. Not only did he grow 100 percent of the barley used to create the mashbill, but he fashioned the smoker himself. Instead of purchasing an industrial smoker, Colby – and Frey Ranch Master Distiller Russell Wedlake – reconstituted a smoker from an old grain silo and a fireplace, allowing the whiskey to be smoked versus roasted.

Additionally, Frey made his own peat from decomposed plant matter from the farm – pressing it into bread pans and dehydrating it to properly smoke the whiskey for the desired taste profile. Designed as a sipping whiskey, the result is a rich, robust American Single Malt that pairs well with smoked gouda, blue cheese, or chocolate.

“American Single Malts are having a moment, so we figured this was an opportune time to showcase our Nevada grown and harvested barley – putting our personal stamp on it by smoking it,” said Frey. “Like everything we do at the Ranch, the team and I had some fun putting together our custom smoker – taking a few days to weld, cut and wire it to our precise specifications.”

Available online at at $59.00 for a 375ml bottle, Frey Ranch American Single Malt Smoked is the first expression in the company’s Smoked Series, which will be followed in short order by Frey Ranch Rye & Smoked Oat Whiskey.

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