Bulleit Pioneer Project Closes Out Year One with Celebration


December 11, 2023

Bulleit Pioneer Project - Cam the Artisan performance

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey celebrated the first year of The Bulleit Pioneer Project — its multi-year commitment to championing and amplifying those breaking new ground in culture. This anniversary event brought together pioneers across art, music, food, and drinks for a day of activities that culminated in a massive bash against the backdrop of Miami’s Art Basel.

The celebration unfolded in two parts: first, a day-long brand-building workshop for up-and-coming artists, marking the last chapter and completion of Bulleit’s 100-Hour Commitment– a year-long commitment to providing up-and-coming artists with 100 hours of mentorship from established talent thanks to Bulleit’s long-standing relationship with music and creator platform, UnitedMasters. The workshop was then capped off by a showcase event where visual artists and musicians took the spotlight, displaying the breadth of Bulleit’s commitment and year-long reach.

Clocking in 100 hours of mentorship

The day of festivities commenced with an end-to-end brand immersion experience designed to help up-and-coming musicians develop their personal brand. Expert mentors, including Cortez Bryant (talent manager and Co-CEO of The Blueprint Group), Melissa Newhart (Executive of Music Brand Partnerships at UTA), Darren Talud (Sr. Manager of Digital Content at Roc Nation), and Kah Li Haslam (Creative Strategist), offered their guidance in a series of bespoke mentorship sessions covering brand strategy, curation and creation of a visual identity and voice, marketing tactics, and more.

During the day, mentees also took to the streets of Miami, guided by local artists such as Hassni Caina (Fashion Stylist and Designer) and P The Kid (Photographer), to jumpstart and craft personalized brand books, infusing individuality into each artist’s narrative.

The experience finished at night, with mentees taking to the stage at Bulleit’s celebratory event, showcasing their talents in live performances for a room buzzing with professional artists, press, and industry greats.

“The 100-Hour Commitment was established to provide foundational help to independent artists by addressing the real-world challenges they face, and we’re proud to say that’s exactly what we created here,” John Rough, SVP, Head of Brand Partnerships at UnitedMasters, said in a news release. “Witnessing industry veterans come together to uplift and support artists whose careers are on the ascent has been nothing short of remarkable. It’s a testament to the power of community and mentorship, and we’re proud to have played a role in fostering the growth of the next generation of artists so they can push the boundaries of creativity.”

Celebrating music, art and food

Alongside the live performances by UnitedMasters mentees, visual artists Graph Atik, Peyton The Artist, and Ange Hillz displayed their latest artwork across the venue. This was the artists’ first time exhibiting their pieces during Miami Art Week’s activities, made possible thanks to Bulleit’s ongoing partnership with Actively Black, who is on a mission to continue highlighting Black talent that needs to be seen.

Bulleit also joined forces with African Chop House, a collective set out to celebrate African culture through food, music, and people, who curated a bespoke menu inspired by the different flavors and cultures that make up Miami, including Coconut Curry Chicken Bites, a Shrimp & Conch Ceviche, Kung Pao Mushrooms, and their world-famous Jollof Rice.

The event showcased the talent Bulleit has worked with and amplified within the first year of the Pioneer Project. Aside from the 100-Hour Commitment, endeavors included The Remix Challenge– a search for gifted wordsmiths vying for a coveted mentoring session with the esteemed J. Ivy, and the unveiling of a compelling short film featuring his poignant spoken word composition entitled A Toast To The Times,the “New New York” celebration and award presentation in partnership with Tribeca Festival, and most recently Bulleit’s Limitless Lounge, a multi-sensory bar experience in Los Angeles.

This was Bulleit’s inaugural end-of-year celebration of The Pioneer Project, marking the brand’s renewed commitment to championing and amplifying those at the forefront of culture.

For more information, visit www.bulleit.com.