Riverbend Malt House Rolls Out New Speakeasy Distiller’s Malt


April 4, 2024

Riverbend Malt House Speakeasy malt in bowl

After much underground research and development, Riverbend Malt House now offers a malt style designed for distillers. Speakeasy distiller’s malt is now available for purchase.

Riverbend has relished their role as a provider of flavorful malts to distillers for over a decade, often providing that “secret sauce” that sets an American Single Malt Whiskey or bourbon apart from the crowd. The release of Speakeasy is our first offering designed specifically for the rapidly growing spirits category.

The development of Speakeasy utilizes a barley variety that has shown great potential to deliver higher levels of enzymatic activity compared to other winter 2-row varieties. This variety coupled with an extended, cool germination and gentle kilning temperatures create the building blocks for this innovative malt style.

“Our Speakeasy malt is a balancing act,” says Riverbend Co-Founder Brent Manning. “It’s not just an enzyme package, but a rich, flavorful malt that is designed to convert corn in a Bourbon recipe while delivering notes of melon and honeysuckle. Speakeasy provides an avenue for craft distillers to explore whiskey recipes with local ingredients.”

About Riverbend Malt House

Riverbend Malt House is on a quest to connect Southeastern family-owned farms and fermenters. Co-Founders Brent Manning and Brian Simpson launched Riverbend, the first craft malthouse east of the Mississippi River, in Asheville, North Carolina in 2010.

Buoyed by a 70,000-square-foot production facility and state of the art equipment, Riverbend Malt House helps breweries and distilleries large, small, and in-between stand out with flavor, locality, and community in an increasingly competitive landscape— all the while challenging the status quo of corporate, big-agriculture malt.

For more information, visit https://radcraftbeer.com/news/riverbend-speakeasy-distillers-malt.