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Fred Minnick contributes to many national and international publications. His work has appeared in USA Today, Parade Magazine, Scientific American, MSN and many others. Minnick writes Covey Rise‘s “Toasting the Hunt” column and WHISKY‘s “Thoughts From” column. He is a contributing editor to WHISKY and regularly writes Whisky Advocate  features. Most features are published in print and do not appear online other than through paid subscriptions.

Whisky Advocate

Whisky AdvocateFred Minnick has written more than 40 online and print features. These are a few of his favorites. (PDFs are published with the permission of Whisky Advocate.)

Bourbon’s Future

On the bottling lines, in the barrel warehouses, and in the tasting panels, there’s a crop of Kentucky bourbon youngsters slowly becoming the future of America’s most-celebrated spirit.

Leak Hunters

Barrels are an integral part of whiskey making. While there are modern additions to the aging process — barcode tracking, powered drills for samples, and such — the heart of aging whiskey remains a 5,000 year old technology, made mostly of wood, and wood…leaks. To find and stop those leaks, some Kentucky distillers still employ a special kind of person: the leak hunter.

MGP Ingredients Disitllery

This was the first inside look at the mysterious distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

Whisky MagazineWhisky Mag Cover

Minnick is a columnist and contributing editor for Whisky Magazine. He also serves as a judge on the World Whiskies Awards and votes in the Whisky Icons. View his recent work here.

Covey Rise 

Covey Rise Cover

Minnick writes the “toasting the hunt” column in Covey Rise. This popular section is read by the highly affluent hunting community.

Blended Scotch

A look inside the best of blended Scotch whisky. There’s more to this category than just Johnnie Walker.

Cooking with Bourbon

Who needs salt and pepper?

Parade Magazine

Minnick writes drinks-related stories for Parade.com. Here are some of his favorite stories.

Tired of Eggnog? Try the Bourbon Milk & Cookies 

Try an 1897 Recipe for Eggnog! Plus 3 Other Nog Variations

10 Reasons to Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month 

Why Can’t Politicians Hold Their Drinks?


In addition to his spirits writing, Minnick is a long-time contributor to the popular retail magazine Stores and continues to write about the military for The Officer.

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