Teeling Whiskey Inching Closer to the U.S.

Teeling Whiskey Inching Closer to the U.S.

Right now, the only place an American can buy Teeling whiskey is in the UK. But, it looks like the historical whiskey name is slowly inching closer to the United States. You can now buy the brand if you have a layover in Ireland.

Recently, the family announced a Limited Edition Single Malt Irish Whiskey called “The Gathering” will be available in Ireland duty free airport shops at The Loop, Dublin and Cork.

TWC The GatheringAccording to the press release, the Gathering is a year-long celebration of Ireland, its people and all that is great about its connections, both home and abroad. The 11 Year Old Single Malt Irish whiskey has been produced exclusively for the Irish Whiskey Collection to commemorate this special, the company said. Only 1,000 70 cl. bottles were made and priced at €69.95.

The whiskey is aged in used bourbon casks, bottled at 92 proof with no chill filtration.

In June, the company announced a Vintage Reserve Collection of three  bottlings: 21-Year-Old, 25-Year-Old and a 30-Year-Old Irish Single Malt whiskey.

“We still don’t have our US Importer on board yet,” Jack Teeling wrote in a June email. “Plenty of interest but waiting to hopefully find the right partner.”

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