Who Wants to Meet the MGP Master Distiller?


September 18, 2014

When I became the Kentucky Derby Museum’s bourbon ambassador, I had two goals. 1) Educate new consumers about bourbon. 2) Introduce enthusiasts to industry legends.

Last year, I was able to reintroduce Ed Foote, former master distiller at the Old Fitzgerald Distillery (Stitzel-Weller). Modern whiskey enthusiasts loved the whiskey he made, but Ed has enjoyed retirement too much to do many public appearances. On that night, we honored his legacy and drank some of his whiskey.

This year, I’m proud to announce that the Kentucky Derby Museum’s Legends Series continues to honor unknown legends. For the first time in his career, MGP Ingredients master distiller Greg Metze will have a spotlight shining on him. Today, the current master makes the distillate for Templeton, Bulleit, High West, Redemption and many other rye whiskeys, as well as several bourbon brands. He doesn’t have anything to do with the marketing. He just makes the stuff, and I believe he’s the most underrated U.S. distiller.

During the Legends Series, I interview the guest, we drink some whiskey and folks can purchase special bottles for the distiller to sign. Metze has never signed a bottle. Never. So, if you can make your way to our Legends Series, you’ll have the distinct privilege of having the first Metze-signed bottles.

Buy tickets here. The event is October 2.

The other legends include: Jimmy Russell, longtime master distiller of Wild Turkey, December 4, 2014; Harlen Wheatley, master distiller of Buffalo Trace, February 5, 2015; Bill Samuels, chairman emeritus for Makers Mark, June 4, 2015; and Mike Veach, renowned bourbon historian and author, August 6, 2015.