Katie Couric Wooed by Angel’s Envy

In covering the bourbon business, I’ve learned the characters are some of the best bullshitters. Very few could out bullshit Wes Henderson, who’s the son of the great Lincoln Henderson and co-founder of Angel’s Envy.

His storytelling ways stem from the fact he’s a firefighter and father of six boys. But Henderson also once crashed a small airplane and walked away completely unharmed. How’s that for a story?

Henderson can now add winning over the famous TV personality Katie Couric to his list of unique accomplishments. They sat next to each on a recent flight to San Francisco. And whatever Henderson said or slipped into her drink, led to Couric taking a picture of Henderson and Tweeting:


Katie Couric tweets a photo of Wes Henderson, co-founder of Angel's Envy.
Katie Couric tweets a photo of Wes Henderson, co-founder of Angel’s Envy.

What did Wes say to get her to Tweet this? Or was it something he poured? However this happened, Henderson is already adding it to his rotation of stories.

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2 Replies to “Katie Couric Wooed by Angel’s Envy”

  1. I THINK this is a compliment about being a good story teller. You mentioned on Facebook that only I or Jimmy Russell could have pulled this off, which I take as a huge compliment. Truthfully, Katie was very kind and gracious. She saw my Angel’s Envy shirt and remarked how hot bourbon is right now….that’s all I needed! Amazingly, she asked to take my picture so she could tweet it. I told her I know the famous author, father, and combat photographer Fred Minnick, whereupon she immediately fainted with disbelief. It was a moment….

  2. I can personally vouch for his incredible story telling. I had the pleasure to hang out with Wes at Tales of the Cocktail last year. Class act all the way!

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