Google Loves Mint Julep Tours


May 28, 2015

I’m a big fan of Mint Julep Tours. Their tour guides are among the most knowledgable in the business, and they seemingly know every road bump on Kentucky highways. So, it’s no surprise to me that the bourbon-centric, high-level tourism company was recently recognized by Google for its online presence.

According to a press release,  Google featured Mint Julep as the small business for the state of Kentucky in their 2014 Economic Impact Report.

The almighty Google selected Mint Julep for its outstanding Web presence and ability to build tourism through Internet channels.

Last year, the press release said, 84% of customers found Mint Julep Tours on the Web. And there’s likely a significant number of users who created their own bourbon trips based on the website, but without using Mint Julep. Owner Sean Higgins, who’s a tech guy to begin with, says Google is a partner. “You can directly equate at least 30% of our growth to the tools and advantages that the internet has established,” Higgins says.

I’d to take it one step further and add that Mint Julep Tours has greatly impacted the bourbon distilleries, writers and even the local restaurants. They recommend books, restaurants, hotels, etc., and are Kentucky’s de facto tourism ambassador. Mint Julep offers a type of marketing to bourbon that’s lost in today’s Internet culture; they bring word-of-mouth marketing to bourbon in a time that’s focused on touch screens and anonymous Yelp reviews.

I’m glad to see Google has taken notice.


Fred Minnick is the author of Whiskey Women and Bourbon Curious.