Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Hits Stores Soon

OF BB 2015Brown-Forman announced its annual Old Forester Birthday Bourbon today. This year’s limited edition bourbon will be 12 years old and bottled at 100 proof. Selected from a single day of production, this limited edition small batch bourbon is vintage-dated (June 13, 2003), the company said.

It hits stores in September with a suggested retail price between $69.99-$79.99. The company said 2,200 6-bottle cases will be available for purchase nationwide.

“This particular lot of barrels is unusual because it matured in the same warehouse location instead of multiple sites. The lot aged near a window and close to a heat cycling duct, exposing all of the barrels to very high temperatures, resulting in the very robust, intense wood-derived characteristics exhibited by this exceptional vintage,” said Chris Morris, the brand’s master distiller, in a press release.

The Old Forester Birthday Bourbon commemorates the brand’s founder George Garvin Brown’s September 2 birthday. Old Forester was founded in 1870.

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