A few years ago, I raved about Forecastle’s Bourbon Lodge.

I still think it’s the best festival for bourbons to reach new consumers, especially music-loving millennials. And as we all know, whiskey companies salivate for the attention of millennials and their Instagram accounts. This group trends toward having the same economic influence as their grandparent’s generation, the Baby Boomers. Heaven Hill’s Andy Shapira told me that if you do not cater to this generation your brand jeopardizes a potential 30-year relationship.

Thus, Forecastle’s Bourbon Lodge is a rare opportunity for bourbon brands to capture this audience. Last year, Forecastle attracted 65,000. Once again, Forecastle is poised to introduce bourbon to new consumers July 14-16 at Waterfront Park.

Bourbon Lodge members can choose from the usual bourbons, such as Bulleit and Woodford, as well as Liquor Barn’s private barrel picks. I also wouldn’t be surprised if a few special bottles were behind the bar…that’s the norm at Forecastle.