Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum Review

Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum Pure Pot Still, 57%, less than $30

No additives

About the rum: Distilled at the famous Hampden Distillery and comprised of Wedderburn and Plummer pot still distillates from wild yeast, molasses, skimmings, cane juice, syrup bottoms, and dunder from previous rum run, according its importer. Before blended, the rum is aged for less than a year to 3 years in white oak.

Notes: Can you say Jamaican funk? When clove, earth, heavy molasses, oak, leather and baking spices appear, you know a Jamaican treat awaits. Then, subtle vanilla creeps up just behind the oily texture, followed by apple pie, ginger snap candies and baking spices. About mid palate, I get the sense this is a can’t miss value for rum lovers and bourbon sippers looking to take the next step toward rum. With hints of tobacco, roasted walnuts and a slight hint of pecan shell, each note is concentrated and extremely enjoyable. The long finish offers a slight hint of chocolate.

Score: 92


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