Catoctin Creek, Adroit Theory Brewing launch $160 Whiskey

Catoctin Creek Distillery has collaborated with neighboring brewery, Adroit Theory to produce its second batch of Día de los Muertos, a malt whisky. Catoctin Creek’s oldest whisky release to date, the company said, Día de los Muertos is limited, with 147 bottles available at the distillery’s tasting room starting July 6.

It’s 92 proof and $159.99.

According to a press release, Adroit Theory’s Día de los Muertos Russian Imperial Stout was aged and distilled by Catoctin Creek for “4.666” years in Minnesota white oak barrels. Limited to one bottle per customer, the company said.

In addition to the launch of the wicked whisky, Adroit Theory is releasing a limited-edition Russian Imperial Stout used to make Día de los Muertos, aged in Catoctin Creek maple whisky barrels, the company said. Some 190 bottles featuring a hand-made cedar box will be available for purchase.

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