Attorney General Focuses On eBay Pappy Empty Sales


December 2, 2019

In a recent Bourbon Pursuit “Above the Char,” I mentioned how the majority of this country’s state attorneys general demanded the end of the secondary market on social media.

The Louisiana attorney general has taken it a step further and a local media outlet interviewed a “concerned teenager parent” who supports his stance.

This is nothing new. But this report is the first time we’ve seen a government official discussing the sale of empty Pappy Van Winkle bottles on eBay and linking them to counterfeiting.

Pay special attention to the language Louisiana Attorney General Landry uses: “What we’re hoping is that the platforms engage in self-regulation that they put in place controlled methods that we believe and work with us to make sure that those methods meet our standards.”

That sounds a lot like alcohol industry speak to me. But no teenager is going to buy $2,000 Pappy on Facebook.

I get that this nationwide crack down is going to happen whether I like it or not. So, all I ask is, why won’t states establish modern vintage laws so enthusiasts can lawfully purchases products they may not otherwise be able to get?

If you live in Maine, good luck getting a good bottle of anything! And get this, lawmakers, you can establish a way to generate more taxes. Just ask Kentucky.