Kentucky Passes Alcohol Shipping Bill

The Kentucky House passed a bill that will modernize the spirits industry in Kentucky and end Prohibition-era policies, said Eric Gregory, executive director of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association:

House Bill 415 passed today, which will allow producers to ship spirits directly to consumers.

“This legislation is built on the landmark reforms from House Bill 400 two years ago that allowed visitors to our world-famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour distilleries to ship bottles home,” Gregory said. “Now, under HB 415, our distilleries will be able to ship spirits directly to consumers in reciprocal states through online and telephone orders, a privilege that the wine industry has enjoyed for decades.

Kentucky’s HB 415 is now the model for direct-to-consumer spirits shipping in the country and provides a sound regulatory framework that ensures responsibility, the proper collection of taxes and provides enforcement tools necessary for compliance with all laws,” Gregory added. “During these trying and uncertain times, the passage of HB 415 will provide spirits, beer and wine producers with the means necessary to grow jobs and investment in our beloved Commonwealth.”

This is truly a historic and game changing day for our signature industry.”

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4 Replies to “Kentucky Passes Alcohol Shipping Bill”

  1. So do you believe this will have a negative impact liquor stores now that consumers can just buy right from the distilleries?

  2. This is amazing news. After visiting Louisville in October there are so many bourbons we liked that aren’t sold or hard to find in NY.

  3. I am so glad this has happened and stop the inflation of secondary market. When will this take effect?

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