New Bourbon: Hirsch The Horizon (MGP Sourced)

 Hotaling & Co., a San Francisco-based importer and distiller, announced it’s reintroducing HIRSCH Selected Whiskeys, offering a new expression of the first selection, THE HORIZON Straight Bourbon Whiskey (46% ABV, $39.99 SRP).

THE HORIZON combines two straight bourbons distilled in Lawrenceburg, IN, the company said. Each bottle of THE HORIZON, 92 proof, provides the exact batch specifications on the rear label, for the bourbon enthusiast who seeks that level of detail, they said. The inaugural batch, AHH0320, is made up of two components: 94% of the blend is distilled from a traditional mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% malted barley aged  5 years and 4 months; the remaining 6% is distilled from a high-rye mash aged 6 years and 2 months for added complexity.

The brand’s logo communicates the Spirit of the Journey, the company said: “The flask-shaped bottle features a wooden-top cork stopper with compass marks, while the label features a color scheme that evokes nautical maps and other visual references to travel and exploration. The base of the bottle hides a message for the curious: ‘No Stone Left Unturned.'”

HIRSCH’s THE HORIZON will be available summer 2020 in select markets: California, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New York, Kentucky and Georgia.

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