The Simpsons in a Pandemic: What Harry Shearer Character Would Drink Wine? Plus, Shearer Is On A Mission To Save Live Music and More

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Harry Shearer is one of the most talented and funny people on Earth, and perhaps other worlds given he’s an alien in ‘The Simpsons.’

On this week’s show, over Skype and with wine, Fred sits down with the heralded voice of ‘Ned Flanders’ and ‘Mr. Burns’ and sips wine, discussing music, the Pandemic and more.

Harry’s list of ‘The Simpsons’ characters include:

Principal Skinner

Kent Brockman

Mr. Burns

Waylon Smithers

Ned Flanders

Reverend Lovejoy

Dr. Hibbert

Lenny Leonard Otto Mann

Rainier Wolfcastle



Dr. Marvin Monroe

Judge Snyder, among others

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Source: The Fred Minnick Show

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