The New Age Tasting


May 18, 2020

I miss people.

I miss standing at the edge of the bar in the Kentucky Derby Museum, swirling bourbon in my glass and showing new-to-whiskey convention goers what new charred oak does to America’s spirit. I miss being on the stage with Tom Colicchio, Fred Noe, Freddie Johnson, Julian Van Winkle and more at Bourbon & Beyond, delving deep into the shenanigans and trends of American whiskey. And I miss sitting down to a beautiful dinner with total strangers, ranging from businesspeople entertaining clients to school teachers who won me at a charity.

I love writing, but more than anything I love standing in front of people and telling the story of bourbon, its bullshit backstories and the contemporary controversies, such as barrel finishes, that often get overlooked. I love teaching crowds how to taste and helping them find the right bourbons for their palates. 

And when the Pandemic took away our mass gatherings, restaurants and more, I missed people. While my increasing YouTube presence has helped me immensely, I still miss giving structured classes and the private tastings.

I am so honored that Topeka Live, which works with high-end musicians for private lessons and concerts, reached out to me to develop a virtual bourbon series that starts Friday. Buy your ticket now for $50.

Tickets are on sale now for Bourbon Revealed: History, Myths & Scams, as well as information on how to book me for private virtual events. We even have a retail partner in Washington D.C. with one helluva inventory, so I can curate the tasting based on your desires

Now, this won’t replace a tour on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Bourbon & Beyond or the Kentucky Bourbon Affair. Nor will it replace a private dinner at Seviche or Jack Rose. But I’ve been getting some practice with these virtual tastings. 

After sipping George T. Stagg with Mick Fleetwood, Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond with Chase Rice and Malbec with Harry Shearer, I’ve discovered how the virtual world allows us to be as we are in person—human. 

Join me this Friday, and for a moment, it will be like old times with a bourbon in hand.