New: Weller Single Barrel

This is the condensed version of the a livestream on the Weller Single Barrel review. to see the full version, with other whiskeys to taste. Watch the livestream.

Buffalo Trace announced a 97-proof, $49.99 single barrel offering of Weller today.

            Weller Single Barrel joins the Weller line up of Weller Special Reserve, Weller Antique 107, Weller 12 years old, Weller Full Proof, Weller Craft Your Perfect Bourbon, and William Larue Weller, which is part of the Antique Collection, released each fall, the company said. 

The Weller Single Barrel will be available starting in June this year, and although the offering will be limited, it will be released once per year.  The packaging will contain a cork stopper, like the Weller Full Proof Bourbon released last year, they said

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  1. Please write the complete story and inform readers that this ( and pretty much all ) product is not available to consumers. It’s like teasing a cat with a laser light.

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