Wilderness Trail Releases 6 year bourbon

One of the most highly anticipated bourbon geek bourbons is finally here. The Wilderness Trail 6-year-old Wheated bottled-in-bond is $75, and Wilderness is taking orders online only. To order, click here.

Dr. Pat Heist of Wilderness Trail recently joined me on The Curation Desk. Wilderness sponsors the show.

The distillery reopens June 8.

The other releases by the Danville distillery, owned by Shane Baker and Dr. Pat Heist, have been four-year-old, bottled in bond Bourbons and a cask strength rye whiskey.

To mark this special occasion, the bottles will be in a Family Reserve mahogany box with two shot glasses. “Family Reserve” is written in gold lettering on the exterior of the box.

Wilderness Trail will offer presales of 100 box sets for June 8 curbside pickup. The box sets are only available for purchase online. Pickup hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please remember to bring your receipt or a copy on your phone for pickup.

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