Taste whiskey like a Pro and Meet Jack Daniel’s in a Can

Are you ready to taste bourbon like a pro? Fred Minnick can help make that happen. In the video, Fred lays out in just a few steps how to taste your whiskey like a professional spirits taster, starting with what makes American bourbon and rye whiskeys unique (specifically, new charred-oak barrels) and explaining how to best to experiencing them, starting with analyzing the whiskey’s color. He then takes viewers through his method for distinguishing the distillery by studying the whiskey’s legs, how to smell the whiskey, how to process the aromas, and finally how to taste and assess the finish. Let Fred teach you the ropes in just a few minutes.

Jack in a Can?

Also, we’ve all had Jack Daniel’s whiskey, but did you know you can now get Jack in a can? Fred and his wife Jaclyn do a tasting of new Jack Daniel’s canned seltzer products and make it known that this ain’t White Claw, folks. Along the way, Fred compliments Jac’s hair, they answer a few live chat questions, and generally give the new products the thumbs up. “I’d drink this over most beers,” Fred says of one of the three flavors.

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