Four Gate, Larceny, Three Others Join Race for 2020’s Best Whiskey of the Year

By Kevin Gibson

Five more whiskeys entered the running for Fred Minnick’s Best Whiskey of the Year this past weekend:

Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series Batch 2.

Four Gate Batch 6 Finished Whiskey: This bourbon is finished in rum and cognac casks. Fred especially liked the nose, which revealed notes of burnt molasses, apricot, caramel on the nose, with more molasses and caramel, fruit notes, fried dough and even champagne-like brininess on the palate.

“This is exciting,” Fred exclaimed upon nosing the whiskey. “I mean, I’m smelling things in a whiskey that I don’t think I’ve ever smelled before.”

Dad’s Hat Cask Strength Rye: Fred found honey, grapefruit, orange, blueberry and rye bread in this complex spirit.

Larceny B520: “I’m really digging this,” Fred said upon tasting this one, noting flavors of cotton candy, pumpkin pie, red hots, cotton candy and more. “This tastes like Thansgiving.”

Journeyman Wheat Whiskey: Fred went wild over this one, coming from a category of all-wheat whiskeys that hasn’t found a wide audience yet. “I’ve been waiting for a long time – a long time – for someone to make a wheat whiskey like this,” he said.

Wild Turkey Bottled in Bond 17 Year: Fred found big aromas of cherry pie in this Wild Turkey whiskey, along with earth tones and plenty more to like.

These new contenders join Elijah Craig Barrel Proof  A120, High West BouRye 19L06, Angel’s Envy Tawny Port, Rua American Single Malt and Bulleit Blenders Select as hopefuls for Fred’s choice of best whiskey of 2020.

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