Kyla Jade of ‘The Voice’ Talks Bourbon, Star Trek and Tornadoes


July 28, 2020

In this episode, Fred does a bourbon tasting with Kyla Jade, a Nashville-based singer who was a contestant on Season 14 of “The Voice.” During their time together, they cover a number of diverse topics, Kyla – who is a tequila fan – gets a lesson in how to taste whiskey, and they also talk about life during the coronavirus pandemic, which prompted her to write more songs and to set up a music studio so she can record at home since she isn’t able to go on the road to perform.

Here are the bourbons they tasted:

  • Blood Oath Pact 6 (13:15)
  • Elijah Craig rye (25:05)
  • Town Branch Barrel & Bottle (40:22)
  • Barrell Bourbon Batch 21 (50:16)

An episode highlight is when she relates when she first saw her tasting bottles, she saw one of the bourbons was 120 proof. She quickly tells Fred he is responsible for her medical bills if such a strong whiskey ruins her vocal cords. “You couldn’t possibly ever want me to sing again,” she jokingly sasses Fred at one point.


Fred and Kyla didn’t just talk music and whiskey, however – the conversation takes all sorts of interesting turns:

  • She and Fred kick off the show with a spirited discussion about their shared love of the classic science fiction show Star Wars, from the original featuring Capt. Kirk, Mr. Spock and Uhura to Voyager.
  • In revealing that one of her favorite characters is Scotty, she relates that she likes him because he was always stressed, yet he always got the job done. “Everybody needs a Scotty,” she says.
  • She talks about her fans and about being the oldest contestant on “The Voice,” saying some of her fellow contestants “could be my babies.”
  • The Topeka, Kansas, native talks at length with Fred about growing up with tornadoes.
  • Kyla talks about what she has learned from therapy and how it has helped her further embrace the passion she feels for music.
  • She and Fred talk about her religious faith, and her belief that simply being kind to everyone we meet can transform the world we live in.
  • Finally, Kyla pairs each of the whiskeys they tasted with one of her songs; for example, “You Don’t Own Me,” the Lesley Gore cover, was her choice for the Elijah Craig.


After Kyla throws back her first pour, even as Fred instructs her how to taste bourbon, the two wind up giggling like kids when she gets embarrassed over her lack of whiskey drinking knowledge. “I am the worst taster ever,” she says through laughter and tears. “I swallowed it immediately. This should literally come with children’s instructions – I need a pop-up book.”




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