Which Bourbon Won the Final $26-$40 Taste-Off?


August 10, 2020

The series of two blind taste-offs of bourbons priced $26-$40 came down to a taste-off between the two winners, Knob Creek and David Nicholson Reserve.

If you watched the first two taste-offs, you know the drill, but here’s a refresher course: I walk into a liquor store, with the goal to buy all bourbons in a particular price point, fill the cart up, swipe credit card and go home.

If it’s not at the store, like Old Granddad 114, I don’t buy it. If it’s above or below the range, I don’t buy it. This method allows me to support a local retailer and taste products that are on the shelf. It’s not perfect, but I am having a blast with it.

By coincidence, both of the finalists were 100 proof whiskeys, and they both were winners for a reason. And the winner of the final taste-off was … Knob Creek.

Tasting notes:

Knob Creek: “Brown sugar city,” cherry pie, wood notes, cornbread, honey, butter, black pepper, salt. “Damn that is good.” Flair of spice: nutmeg, cinnamon. Long finish.

David Nicholson Reserve: “Fruit bomb,” fruit pie, brown sugar. “I don’t think there’s a loser here.”