Worst Whiskeys of the Past Decade: Fred Minnick and Lew Bryson Discuss


August 17, 2020

On Friday’s episode, Fred Minnick virtually hung out with a good friend and his former editor: Author Lew Bryson, who wrote books like Tasting Whiskey and Whiskey Master Class.

But instead of sipping good bourbon together, they actually sat down and discussed bad bourbon, as in the worst whiskeys of the past decade. It was not a charitable affair.

Here are some of the whiskeys they discussed:

-St. George Spirits Baller first release (“Raunchy”)

-Highspire Whiskey (Lew: “Just a mistake”)

-Garrison Brothers Cowboy Whiskey (“Polarizing”)

-Legent Bourbon (Lew: “tasted like fruity Beam”)

-Beam’s Eight Star (“Rotgut, typical bottom-shelf, alcoholic-gonna-drink-it-in-the-parking-lot kind of whiskey”)

-Hudson Baby Bourbon (“Love the people … I really did not like it when I first tasted it”)

-Brenne Single Malt (Lew: “Sickly sweet”)

-Cleveland Whiskey (“Like licking a fence post”)

-OZ Tyler (“various farm smells … burnt plastic and drywall … dead cat”; Lew: “Radish and white turnip”)

-Drake’s Whiskey Virginia Black (“Undrinkable”)

-Hatfield & McCoy whiskey

-Woodford Five Malt (“to this day the thought of that, the over brininess and wood, it haunts me — it’s disgusting”)

-Slow Hand Single Malt (“It smells like a kid vomited and they used the cedar chips to kind of cover it up”)

-Bib & Tucker (“A large level of suck at a high price point”)

Check out Lew’s YouTube channel.