Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr. Explore Bourbon, Talk ESPN, Fatherhood and More


September 1, 2020

Famed sports commentator Mike Golic and his son Mike Golic Jr. joined Fred Minnick on this episode to sip five different bourbons, talk sports and, of course, talk whiskey. Golic Sr. is a veteran of ESPN, and was one half of the long-running Mike and Mike in the Morning radio show, which lasted 18 years. Golic Sr. was part of the show Golic and Wingo from 2017-2020. Golic Jr. also is a commentator on ESPN Radio. Both appreciate good bourbon, which made them a natural fit as guests on the show. Along the way, the conversation runs from broadcasting to beef jerky.

Whiskeys tasted:

  • Russell’s Reserve Private Barrel (8:59)
  • Barrell Bourbon 15 year old (21:59)
  • Orphan Barrel 24 year old (34:04)
  • Willett Single Barrel 15 year old (37:34)
  • Wild Turkey Revival Rye (43:20)


Here a few highlights from this week’s episode of The Fred Minnick Show:

  • Both Mikes were surprised to learn that smelling bourbon with one’s mouth open relaxes the olfactory and lets in more aroma. In the process, Mike Jr. learned that his right nostril is his “go-to nostril.”
  • Fred admits to Mike Sr. the he has always admired the example he set for young fathers.
  • Mike Sr. talks about his life as a public figure and how it became an integral part of his life and who he is. Mike Jr. adds that having his dad as such a high profile figure meant he knew more eyes were on him as he played college football at Notre Dame and later went into broadcasting.
  • Both Golics were a bit unprepared for the depth and complexity of the bourbons they were tasting, as they had started out doing shots of Wild Turkey in their respective youths.
  • Fred gave the Golics a brief history of what a blended bourbon is, part of what make the Barrell 15 year old a unique product. Naturally, Fred points out the marzipan note in the whiskey’s flavor.
  • Golic Jr. reflects on his attempts to stick in the NFL, which included bouncing around from the New Orleans Saints to the CFL and XFL, crashing on couches and ultimately deciding to hang up his cleats and pursue broadcasting.
  • Jr. also admits his enjoyment working at ESPN. He says it’s “like working in Candyland” much of the time.
  • Fred tells the Golics that working out for a whiskey taster means eating a lot of pies and baked goods and Mike Jr. jokes he may have to consider a career change.
  • Golic Sr. says he gets beef notes from the Wild Turkey Revival, to which Mike Jr. says, “beef?” It was narrowed down to smoky notes, which may have conjured notions of brisket. Fred says, “I could go for some brisket at the moment.”


On talking about his kids while on the air during his career, Golic Sr. said it was never difficult to blend the show with stories of his family. “It was great talking about them on the air because it was content. I knew it was going to help the show because they did such stupid stuff.”