Parker’s Heritage Heavy Char, 10 Years, $120

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While this has been known for sometime, after Heaven Hill received federal label approval, the company announced its latest Parker’s Heritage Collection–a 10-year-old Heavy Char Bourbon.

The 14th edition of Parker’s comes in at 120 proof and an SRP of $120.

It’s the traditional Bourbon mashbill of 78% corn, 12% malted barley and 10% rye, aged in heavy char (Level 5) barrels, as opposed to the customary Level 3 for Heaven Hill, the resulting flavors carry intensified notes of the traditional Bourbon. While Heaven Hill is noting this as a “Heavy Char,” it’s far from the Buffalo Trace experiment a few years back. I recall Harlen Wheatly telling me that those #7 Char barrels barely made it.

With that said, the #5 char should be quite interesting, as it’s just one grade above what others commonly use–Char #4.

This release consists of 102 barrels aged on the sixth floor of rickhouse Y for 10 years.

The series is named after the late great Parker Beam.

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