Investment Group Buys 1,000 Barrels of Bourbon from Wilderness Trail Distillery

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Wave Financial Group announced it has purchased 1,000 barrels of bourbon from Wilderness Trail Distillery in Danville, Ky. Wave announced it had launched a limited-capacity real asset whiskey fund in March.

The whiskey will continue to age another five or six years before it is bottled, although if investors in the fund decide to sell sooner than that, Wave will tokenize holdings to facilitate a potential exit.

Wave president Benjamin Tsai said in a news release that the company’s research showed returns from premium aging bourbon have shown to be stable, with expected price appreciation. That research, according to announcement, showed whiskey aging in barrels were more stable and provided more potential upside than other real assets such as fine wine, rare art and pedigree race horses.

The investment group cited a growing trend of investors seeking alternative investments that include gold, cryptocurrency and real assets such as spirits. Technology advancements mean accredited investors can take advantage of investment scenarios not normally available or accessible in traditional financial markets.

The announcement also hinted at future investments in the fund, given the company’s unique access” to Wilderness Trail’s production capacity.

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