Best Bourbons of the 21st Century: 5 Best and Why

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Best Bourbon of the 21st Century…. This Is Number 1

This is it. The number 1. Best Bourbons of the Century So Far…. 

Four Roses’ former master distiller Jim Rutledge:

About the Best Bourbons of the Century So Far, longtime whiskey critic Fred Minnick has tasted the majority of the bourbons in this century, the 2000s.  He’s celebrating Bourbon Heritage Month by naming his picks for best bourbons of the century. Note: This list does not include barrel finishes, ryes or Tennessee Whiskeys. Only bourbon. 



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Four Roses Distillery announces the second 2013 limited edition bourbon to mark the brand’s year-long celebration of its 125 years in distilling. The first was a single barrel bourbon released in the spring and the second will be the 2013 Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon, to be released this fall.

Four Roses Master Distiller Jim Rutledge personally chose three of Four Roses’ ten unique bourbon recipes to create the new barrel strength, small batch bourbon. The recipes, each with different flavor characteristics, include an 18-year-old selection of Four Roses’ recipe coded OBSV (featuring delicate fruit, spicy and creamy characteristics), a 13-year-old OBSK (rich in spiciness, full body), and a 13-year-old OESK (spicy, full body).   The bourbon exhibits aromas of creamy vanilla, light oak and cherry cordial, with hints of nutmeg and cocoa. The palate offers flavors of raspberries and apricots, encompassing a long, luxurious vanilla bean and cherry finish.

This anniversary bottling offers a taste straight from the barrel when the bourbon is uncut and non-chill filtered. Approximately 8,000 bottles of the Four Roses 2013 Limited Edition 125th Anniversary Small Batch Bourbon are planned for distribution in September to U.S. markets. 

“I’m always coming across some really amazing bourbons during the selection process,” said Rutledge.  “And for this special release, I was presented with quite the challenge to make a selection worthy of toasting our 125th year. I’m thrilled to say this bourbon does just that.”

Last year’s Limited Edition Small Batch release was named by Whisky Advocate magazine as American Whiskey of the Year. 

Four Roses’ 125th Anniversary is highlighted at, a website celebrating the milestone anniversary and allowing visitors to view a number of toasts for any occasion, read toasting tips and submit an original toast. One toast will be selected to be featured on next year’s Limited Edition Single Barrel offering, along with the name and hometown of the person who submitted it.

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Source: The Fred Minnick Show

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