Jim Beam Creates $250 Global Travel Release, ‘Lineage’

Jim Beam announced a collaboration between the father-and-son duo of Fred Noe, father, and Freddie Noe, the 7th and 8th generation family distillers respectifully.

The 15 year old bourbon named “Lineage” hits global travel retail early 2021 for $250 (USD).

Barrels were aged in Warehouse K since 2004, and it’s bottled at 110 proof (55% ABV). It’s being marketed as a father-and-son collaboration. The press release noted it’s the first for the Noes. While that may be true from a marketing perspective, I’m pretty sure Fred and Freddie have been collaborating on whiskey projects since Freddie could talk.

Fred Noe said in the press release: “Lineage represents a significant moment in the history of Jim Beam. Not only is it a collaboration between the seventh and eighth generation of distillers in our family, but it’s a blend of the past, the present and the future.

“Having spent a lot of time exploring travel retail outlets in my time, it was important to me to offer something special to travellers – especially during these trying times. Launching a product exclusively to travel retail is not something we often do, so we are excited to bring such a unique expression to our friends in airports across the world.”

Freddie Noe said in the press release: “I really enjoy breaking the rules and creating new and exciting expressions, so it was an honour to create this unique whiskey with my dad – one that’s different from anything out there in the bourbon world.”

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