Monster Jam Driver Cynthia Gauthier Sips Canadian Whisky, Talks Monster Trucks


November 17, 2020

On this episode of The Fred Minnick Show, Monster Jam driver Cynthia Gauthier drops in from Canada to join Fred in some lively banter and whiskey sipping. Along the way, they talk ice fishing, driving in traffic without the benefit of a Monster Truck, the intentional craziness of the motor sport, Titan Games, healing from the sport and more. Fred, of course, loves to enjoy Monster Jam with his sons, so having Gauthier on the show was a can’t-miss proposition.

Whiskeys tasted:

  • Shelter Point Lot 40 (14:11)
  • Forty Creek Barrel Select (17:28)
  • Stock and Barrel Rye (20:03)
  • Shelter Point Smoke Point (27:27)


Fred and Cynthia talk about a number of topics, such as:

  • Fred extols the virtues of Canadian whisky and discusses the difference between it and American whiskey.
  • Cynthia reveals she took a bartending class when she was younger and that she likes to enjoy many different types of spirits – focusing on whiskey when she isn’t feeling well.
  • She does clarify, however, she doesn’t really drink while on the road with Monster Jam, choosing to focus on her health.
  • Gauthier notes that part of not drinking when touring with the sport is because, obviously, drinking and driving don’t mix. To which Fred quips, “You said in your profession it’s hard to drink a lot; in my profession, it’s hard to drive a lot.”
  • In addition to ice fishing, Cynthia likes plenty of other outdoor activities, including paddle boarding and longboarding.
  • The two make their way through Canadian whiskeys and when they hit the 92-proof Stock and Barrel Rye, Cynthia says, “This will take paint off your wall.” (It’s fair to note the interview and tasting happened at 10 a.m., so perhaps her palate was still waking up.)
  • A self-described adrenaline junkie, Cynthia admits how much she appreciates being able to compete in Monster Jam along with a number of other women in the sport.
  • She says her passion for motor sports originates with her dad, who is a mechanic.
  • While she studied to be a CPA, she actually became a welder and started her own welding business.
  • Cynthia ultimately picks Shelter Point Lot 40 as her favorite of the flight.


Cynthia Gauthier compares Monster Jam to a UFC fight – it’s about the action. “It’s the only sport that we’re actually crashing on purpose. Other sports, they always want to finish first, but we want the wild moments and so we actually sometimes go out of control to get that, that special moment where you get on one wheel and then come back on four. It’s a special sport.”