Distillery 291 Moving to New Location, Expanding Distillery Operations

Distillery 291 is moving its operations to a new location in Colorado Springs.

The Colorado distillery, which opened in the Colorado Springs suburb Ivywild six years ago, plans to complete the move in February. The move will expand the distillery’s facility from 7,500 square feet to 12,000 square feet immediately, with space for another 12,000 square feet in future expansions.

Distillery 291 will increase whiskey production from six to 12 barrels per week, with additional room to store the aging barrels. Over the next few years, 291 hopes to reach 45 barrels of whiskey per week.

A new Distillery 291 Tasting Room will continue to make the full line of 291 products available on-site, as well as cocktails to-go. In accordance with Colorado regulations, 291 staff will continue to conduct small group tastings by reservation, and distillery tours will resume as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

During the past year, 291 has expanded the availability of its whiskeys from a handful of key markets to retail outlets in 43% of the U.S., as well as adding e-commerce available to 40 states, making the expansion imperative to continued growth.

“Over the next twelve months, we hope to add enough distillation, fermentation, operations, and storage capacity to more than double our current production,” Distillery 291’s CEO and Founding Distiller Michael Myers said. “I’m grateful for the memories at Tejon Street. It’s where we’ve grown as a company over the last nine years. But I’m really excited to take this next step in order to serve the growing demand for 291 Colorado Whiskey within the state and our expanded distribution across the country.”

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