Drizly’s Best Selling Bourbons of 2020


January 25, 2021

Fred Minnick crunched the numbers and found some things that might be surprising to many bourbon fans out there. He summed it up in his latest video chat, “Bestselling Bourbons of 2020, According to Drizly.”

He presents the Top 10 sellers of the 2020  based on the platform’s online sales, for both during the holiday season and overall. He also qualifies the numbers by reminding viewers that “Drizly has become the Amazon of liquor sales,” meaning that it is where people go to buy booze when buying a gift or when avoiding going directly to stores in a pandemic. And it’s worth noting that Drizly has 4,000 stores in its network.

Fred is given exclusive first access to this data thanks to his relationship with Drizly.

Also, note that data used to compile the list is based on the amount of money spent and not total bottles sold – a pretty significant point to keep in mind.

Here’s the list for holiday season top sellers:

10. Buffalo Trace – Can’t get Stagg? Buy Trace.

9. Jefferson’s Ocean – It’s definitely become a “thing.”

8. Willett Pot Still – Respected brand, cool bottle.

7. Maker’s Mark – Typically a top seller on Drizly and a popular gift item.

6. Woodford Double Oak – Fred shares a personal history that endears this brand to him.

5. Blanton’s Single Barrel – Most gifted product of the 2020 holiday season.

4. Bulleit Bourbon – Coming in strong.

3. Angel’s Envy – Quite a flex from an up and coming distillery.

2. Woodford Reserve – A respected brand and product.

1. Basil Hayden’s – “That’s how you know it was the gift season because Basil Hayden is definitely one that has appeal as a gift. … Enormous win.”

And here’s the list of best sellers overall for 2020:

10. Blanton’s Single Barrel – Remember, this is based on money spent, not bottles sold. Some of these bottles are going for $200 or more.

9. Knob Creek – Absolutely should be on the Top 10 list.

8. Evan Williams – This one is actually the No. 2 best seller overall (volume), but it isn’t as strong on Drizly’s list.

7. Buffalo Trace – This is a product that is consistently moving off shelves.

6. Basil Hayden’s – This placing feels about right.

5. Jim Beam – This is the No. 1 seller overall by volume of sales.

4. Woodford Reserve – Highest priced product in the Top 5. Derby affiliation gives it a boost in spring.

3. Jack Daniel’s – Sure, it’s technically a Tennessee whiskey, but Drizly considers it bourbon, so there you are. Also, it’s the top-selling whiskey on Earth.

2. Maker’s Mark – Another strong showing, thanks in part to great marketing.

1. Bulleit Bourbon – Congratulations, Diageo. Check out this brand’s digital marketing as a clue for why it’s such a good seller. “I think you’re starting to see what the future holds for Bulleit.”