Telecom Mogul Freddie Figgers Talks Inventions, Tech Over Whiskey


February 16, 2021

On this edition of The Fred Minnick Show, inventor/entrepreneur Freddie Figgers joins Fred. Figgers is the founder of Figgers Communications, a company that provides cell phone service to neaerly 100 countries, from China to South America, and also specializes in rural areas of America that have subpar or no cell service, and a holder of many patents. On the show, he and Fred talk about Freddie’s inventions, his tech prowess, his company, his charitable foundation and plenty more. And, of course, Fred has him sipping some select whiskey.

Whiskeys tasted:

  • Lucky 7 Jokester (16:31)
  • Lot 40 Canadian Rye Whiskey (30:03)
  • Wilderness Trail 6 Year Old Barrel Pick (37:24)


Fred and Freddie talk about a wide variety of things, such as:

  • This is the first episode of the Fred Minnick Show in which he didn’t partake in the tasting.
  • Freddie talks about his passion for reading and technology as a kid, and tells the story of how he essentially rebuilt a Macintosh computer.
  • He also talks about how he worked his way up as an IT engineer from an early age.
  • They talk about Figgers’ company competing in the tech realm and the challenges therein, as well as his strategy of providing service to underserved areas.
  • They also talk about the uniquely secure F3 phones Figgers Communication offers.
  • Figgers talks about his many patents, including one he invented for his father who had Alzheimer’s and later sold for $2 million. Another invention prevents texting and driving internally. “I’ve got a whole bunch of them,” he says.
  • He tells Fred about building technology to help store the Pfizer vaccine that never was put to use.
  • Freddie also offers tips to inventors and explains the types of patents available for certain products.
  • He also addresses how telecom has changed since the voice-forward focus of the 1990s.
  • Freddie also talks about being a private company and his desire to not go public.
  • And while he isn’t normally a drinker, Freddie says he likes all three of the selections, ultimately choosing Wilderness Trail Year over Lucky 7 Jokester as his narrow favorite of the flight.


Figgers, who isn’t usually a whiskey drinker, gets Fred’s tutorial on sipping whiskey while telling Fred of the different aspects of his company’s portfolio, ranging from tech to healthcare to aviation. Fred comments that these are “things that actually matter in the world.” Figgers responds nicely with: “Whiskey matters.”



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Source: The Fred Minnick Show