Maker’s Mark to Release Third Wood Finishing Series Whiskey March 1

Maker’s Mark announced it will release the third in its limited Wood Finishing Series on March 1. Called FAE-01, the whiskey is named after the wood stave that helps create its unique flavor profile.

In aging the whiskey, the American oak staves are cooked on one side only in order to maximize flavors that get pulled from the staves — it is the first time Maker’s has used a stave that has raw wood. The whiskey is then non-chill filtered.

Jane Bowie, Maker’s Mark Director of Innovation, said in a news release that FAE-01 “tastes just like a barrel warehouse smells.”

The whiskey is bottled at 110.3 proof; SRP is $59.99 per 750ml bottle Another Wood Finishing Series expression – FAE-02 – will be released in the fall.

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