Study Shows Women Underrepresented by Top Global Whiskey Brands’ Social Media

The OurWhisky movement released a statement calling for whiskey makers to improve their representation of women, based on a study of the world’s 150 top brands’ Instagram accounts. According to the study, men outnumber women on those accounts by 228%.

The report, Women and Whisky: Female Representation in Social Media Marketing, conducted by OurWhisky, showed these leading brands, which were not named in a news release, posted 3,896 images featuring men, with just 1,707 including women. In addition, 23 brands created posts to celebrate International Women’s Day, yet throughout the year women accounted for just 39% of people represented in those brands’ feeds, with male representation at 78%.

The study found women account for just 36% of people represented in 2020, although it showed that overall female representation has seen a small increase of 4.7% since 2016. However, another study cited suggests the rate of female whiskey drinkers has seen a dramatic increase since 2010.

“In the last five years we’ve seen a welcome rise of female representation in whisky marketing, however this study demonstrates we’re still far away from achieving gender equality,” Becky Paskin, co-founder of OurWhisky, said in the news release. “Whisky brands have the power to normalize the fact women make and drink whisky by what they choose to show in their advertising and marketing. They don’t need to feminize their brands, but by simply being more inclusive they can change the narrative and appeal to a wider demographic of potential customers, which has obvious business benefits as well.”

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