Calvados Sees Overall Drop in Sales During Pandemic

The sale of calvados dropped 17% in 2020, according to an announcement by the Interprofessional Association of Cider-Based Controlled Appellations.

The French spirit did well internationally during the pandemic, however, with exports representing 55% of sales; however, the domestic market saw a 27.5% drop in sales, thanks in part to the closure of bars, restaurants and hotels, as well as a drop in tourism.

Overall, 4.2 million bottles of calvados were sold last year.

“We feared the worst a year ago, but Calvados has remained in the hearts of consumers,” Didier Bédu, President of the IDAC, said. “The decline in our sales is due to an extremely specific economic situation and is mainly explained by exogenous factors: the closure of bars & restaurants, the event industry on hold and tourism subdued. Nevertheless, the worldwide appetite for Calvados remains strong.”

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