Whiskey Blender Dixon Dedman Joins Brindiamo Group as Consultant

Brindiamo Group has hired whiskey blender Dixon Dedman to be a consulting  resource.  

Mr. Dedman is well known in the whiskey world as a Master Blender and creator of the Kentucky Owl  brand. Dedman and his business partner sold the brand to SPI Group, the Luxembourg-based company best known for making Stolichnaya vodka. After four years of leading the brand, Dedman recently resigned his role as Master Blender and Brand  Ambassador.

Dedman’s great-great-grandfather Charles Dedman founded one of the state’s largest distilleries in the late 19th century, and his family has owned the award-winning, 31-room Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg, KY., for over a century.  

“After observing the continuing evolution of the whiskey sector, we decided that now was the right  time to bring him on board, in order to respond better to the industry needs,” Jeff Hopmayer, Managing Partner of Brindiamo, said in a news release.

Jason McMurray, a Partner in Brindiamo added, “Dixon is what Bourbon is about  and we are excited to have him as a resource”. 

“Having cultivated a relationship with Jeff,  Jason and the Brindiamo team over the last several years, I was thrilled with the opportunity to work  with them,” Dedman said. “They have a unique skill set that allows me to help people in this industry using my  experience and abilities. I’m thrilled with the opportunity to consult with one of the driving forces  behind the growth in American Whiskey that is the Brindiamo Group.” 

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