Buffalo Trace Shares Update on $1.2 Billion Expansion

Three years into its $1.2 billion infrastructure project, Buffalo Trace Distillery offered an update on the initiative, which was born in spring of 2018.

To date, 10 new warehouses have been added and filled, at a capacity of 58,800 barrels each. More warehouses are under way, with Warehouse MM now under construction. A new warehouse is expected to be added approximately every four months, according to a news release.

The warehouses are seven stories tall, clad in metal and insulated, with wood flooring. Unlike most distillery’s, Buffalo Trace heats its warehouses.

Master Distiller Harlan Wheatley said one key detail he notices about the new warehouses is consistency in flavor.

“Consistency in a taste profile is much harder to maintain than most people realize,” Wheatley said. “Any time you bring a new element into the equation, it has the potential to change the result.”

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