Uncle Boojie’s Drops New Limited Bourbon Release – In Jugs

Uncle Boojie’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey announced an extremely limited bourbon release based on a 200-year-old family mash bill.

Just 700 jugs of the 13-year-old bourbon will be released. Why jugs? Because per a press release, bourbon lore has it that it was around 1870 when the first jugs of bourbon started shipping from Ohio River ports. The jugs were utilized at that point for convenience, as they were more convenient to ship and sell than barrels. The jugs for the new Uncle Boojie’s release were custom-made by Louisville, Ky.-based Stoneweare & Co.

The release will encompass three different whiskeys: Single Barrel #1, bottled – er, jugged – at 123.3 proof and available only in crates of three with an SRP of $497; Single Barrel #2, which is 100 proof, is sold individually for $169. There also is a small batch version available for $139. The bourbon is available online or at and at Stoneware & Co.’s retail shop.

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