Cedar Ridge Releases Commemorative Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Iowa-based Cedar Ridge Distillery announced a limited release of its Bottled in Bond bourbon to commemorate the 12 anniversary since its first release. It will coincide with the distillery’s annual Bourbon & Blues Festival.

The Bottled in Bond Act, passed in 1897, was created to regulate the quality of whiskey, requiring it to be from one distillery, from one season, made by one distiller, and aged at a federally bonded warehouse for a minimum of 4 years at 100 proof. This release is the third Bottled-In-Bond release to be offered by Cedar Ridge.

2021 will also mark the first year that Cedar Ridge Bottled-In-Bond will be offered outside of the state of Iowa, as bottles also will be available in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.

The bourbon will have an SRP of $49.99 per 750ml bottle.

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