Interview With Rising Country Star and TikTok Mega Star Hannah Dasher

On this episode of The Fred Minnick Show, Fred is joined by Sony Music recording artist Hannah Dasher, who grew up in Georgia, fell in love with country music and became a successful singer-writer in the genre. She also has a popular TikTok cooking show titled, “Stand By Your Pan.” Her latest musical release, The Half Record, features her newest single, “You’re Gonna Love Me.” On the episode, Hannah and Fred engage in a spirited interview that delves into moonshine, Hannah’s rising career, wigs, Dolly Parton and more over a flight of whiskey and bourbon.

  • Nashville Barrel Co. Rye Barrel 1 (8:13)
  • WhistlePig Boss Hog (13:57)
  • Barrell Bourbon Rye (17:54)
  • Doc Swinson’s 18 Year Old (25:37)
  • Parker’s Heritage (29:52)


Fred and Hannah talk about a wide variety of things, such as:

  • Fred traveled to Nashville Barrel Co. for this show, and ended up having a big surprise for his guest. Wait for it.
  • They kick off the interview talking moonshine. You know, “the stuff that will eat a hole through a Dixie cup,” per Hannah.
  • Fred explains bourbon tasting to Hannah, who usually only cooks with the spirit.
  • Three rye whiskeys start the session, with WhistlePig Boss Hog impressing Hannah quite a bit.
  • They talk about Hannah’s new “half record,” noting she is a “full record girl in a half record world.”
  • Fred brings up Canada and Hannah notes she has a Canadian on her “sh*t list.” Fred cracks up.
  • She talks influences, such as Reba McIntyre.
  • Fred gets sideways over a “floatie” in Hannah’s whiskey. Re-pour.
  • They talk about her TikTok cooking show and foods Hannah likes. She likes fried chicken and steak, and Fred tries to match a bourbon to what her palate likes. Doc Swinson’s 18 Year Old is the result.
  • The Parker’s Heritage impresses Hannah as being “buttery.” Fred concurs.
  • Fred gets to examine Hannah’s hairpiece.
  • Not surprisingly, Fred busts out some Michter’s 10 Year. Fred gives her a bottle to take home, and notes that it isn’t the type of bourbon one should cook with.
  • Then comes the surprise.


“That bourbon, I’m sure cost more than my wig.” -Hannah Dasher after trying Parker’s Heritage bourbon for the first time.

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