Agave Spirits Maker Izo Spirits Seeks Crowdfunding Investments

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Agave spirits maker IZO Spirits is actively seeking investors via crowdfunding platform StartEngine.

The Mexico-based company’s Mezcal, Tequila, Sotol and Bacanora products currently are distributed in eight U.S. states, with an expansion to Georgia, Minnesota and Montana coming soon.

Shares are $1.25 each, with a minimum investment of $250 required. The highest of the six investment tiers is a $50,000 investment – each of the top five tiers offer up-front bonuses for investors.

“We’re really excited about this next chapter of growth for IZO Spirits, and we’re looking forward to the opportunities and collaborations that can come from joining the StartEngine marketplace,” co-founder Gaston Martinez said in a news release. “We’re one of the only companies that offers a full line of premium Mexican spirits, including two Joven Mezcals, an Ensamblé Mezcal, a Reposado Mezcal, an Añejo Mezcal, a Joven Sotol, a Silver Bacanora and an exquisite Extra Añejo Cristalino Tequila.  We are being extremely well received by critics and consumers alike.  Investors should want to hop on board ASAP.”

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