Amorim Cork America Joins Distilled Spirits Council


October 5, 2021

Amorim Cork America announced it has joined the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), the U.S. spirits industry’s advocate in Washington and the nation’s state capitals, as a partner member to engage in shaping tomorrow’s spirits marketplace.

The largest producer of natural cork closures worldwide, Amorim teams with scientists and engineers, associations and non-profits, sustainability organizations and associations like DISCUS, and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship through teamwork, ingenuity, and unexpected solutions.

“Amorim Cork America is excited to partner with DISCUS to support the messaging that the environment and natural resources are integral to the spirits industry,” Pedro Fernandes, general manager of Amorim Cork America, said in a news release. “Spirits are an important part of our business, which is centered around providing solutions to custom packaging needs and innovative technologies. As a partner member, we aim to ensure the continued prosperity of the industry, and our earth, through innovation and collaboration.”

DISCUS offers partner memberships to persons, firms, corporations and associations engaged in the distilled spirits supply chains and related businesses. Through the partner membership program, DISCUS will provide partner members with opportunities to connect with spirits industry leaders to exchange thoughts, resources and expertise, and provide support regarding the critical issues that impact the industry at large.

“We want to thank Amorim Cork America for joining us as a partner member. Their participation and support make the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States stronger and more effective in advancing policies that benefit the spirits industry, its workers and its consumers,” Chris Swonger, president and CEO of DISCUS, said.

The DISCUS Annual conference will take place this week, Oct. 6-8, at the Fairmont in Austin, Texas.