Perez Hilton Gags on Van Winkle Bourbon | State of Influencers and Cancel Culture | Redemption Tour

Controversial celebrity gossip personality Perez Hilton joins The Fred Minnick Show and tastes some ultra rare bourbons for the first time: Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old, Michter’s 10 Year, 1940s Old Schenley, Wild Turkey Bottled in Bond and 291 Colorado Whiskey. He nearly gagged on them all. But the conversation was far more stimulating than just what was in the glass.

Perez talked about the state of cancel culture, saying it’s “unfortunate” some people cannot get second chances, while also discussing how many people view him for his actions more than a decade ago. In addition, he gives the blue print for Influencers on how to earn a living. This conversation gives the inside and intelligent look to one of the more dynamic media personalities of the 21st Century.

291 Colorado Whiskey
Heaven Hill Brands
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Source: The Fred Minnick Show

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