Castle & Key Distillery Teams With Kentucky Black Bourbon Guild for New Whiskey Release


November 10, 2021

In partnership with the Kentucky Black Bourbon Guild (KBBG), Castle & Key Distillery released its latest whiskey, The Untold Story of Kentucky Whiskey, Chapter 1.

One hundred percent of this new whiskey sales will support The Castle & Key Scholarship Fund, a scholarship created to promote diversity and inclusion within the distilling industry. In addition, the bottle labels and design of the bottles were 100 percent donated by Eurostampa and Stranger & Stranger.

The Castle & Key Scholarship Fund was established at Blue Grass Community Foundation by Castle & Key Distillery to support scholarships for students of color who have interest in working in the distilling field in Kentucky. The scholarship provides a $5,000 award that is renewable for one additional year of study. More information about this scholarship and eligibility requirements can be found via the Blue Grass Community Foundation (BGCF). The scholarship opens for submission in January 2022 and closes in March.

“The Castle & Key Untold Story Series of Kentucky Whiskey is not just American heritage within a bottle. This special release rightfully connects African American contributions to that very Americanism going back to the dates of slavery,” Mike Adams, Vice President of the Kentucky Black Bourbon Guild, said. “Make no mistake about it, this project boldly confesses a truth that most have been reluctant to merely utter aloud. Our organization is proud to work with such a courageous, forward-thinking, and fair organization as Castle & Key.”

Castle & Key will release annual “chapters” of The Untold Story, with each iteration telling another aspect of how African Americans have contributed to the spirits industry. Chapter 1 has a mash bill of 73% White Corn, 10% Rye and 17% Malted Barley, and was bottled at 106.6 proof. SRP is $149.99, and only 425 bottles were produced.