Blue Run Spirits Announces 2021 Holiday Rye Whiskey Releases


November 22, 2021

Blue Run Spirits today announced its whiskey releases for the 2021 holiday season. The special release includes three separate offerings: Holiday Rye Cask Strength Single Bottle, Holiday Rye Cask Strength Gift Pack and 12 Days of Blue Run Single Barrel High Rye Bourbon.

Blue Run Holiday Rye Cask Strength will feature product from the same family of barrels as the recently released Blue Run Straight Golden Rye Whiskey, coming in at 106 proof.  It will be offered as a standalone bottle retailing at $139.99 SRP available across Blue Run’s retail partners starting Nov. 24. Each bottle features a “Pollock” treatment on the brand’s signature butterfly, making it easily identifiable on any back bar.

To make it the ideal gift, this sourced rye, will also come in a high-end box packed with two stylish rocks glasses created through a collaboration with Aged & Ore. The gift sets are $229.99 and will be available online only through Blue Run’s fulfillment partner Seelbach’s starting mid-December.

Dec. 1 marks the start of Blue Run’s 12 Days of Single Barrel High Rye Bourbon. Each day until Dec. 12, Blue Run will release bottles from a different single barrel of their High Rye Bourbon, which was contract distilled at Castle & Key Distillery.

Each barrel, which featured a #4 alligator char and was aged in Frankfort and Bardstown, Ky., will have its own unique personality based on where it was in the rickhouse and how the whiskey reacted to the wood. They will range from 115-117 proof and the color of the butterflies will vary based upon the barrel number. These bottles will retail at $139.99 SRP and be available online only through Blue Run’s website and its fulfillment partner Seelbach’s. Additionally, Blue Run will offer a limited number of complete sets of 12 bottles – one bottle from each barrel. 

Blue Run Spirits can be purchased in Kentucky and Louisiana (RNDC); Georgia (Savannah); South Carolina and Tennessee (Advintage); Washington, D.C., Maryland and Delaware (Prestige-Ledroit); Illinois and Colorado (Breakthru); California and Florida (Park Street); New Jersey (Fedway Associates); Canada (Evergreen); and online through Seelbach’s at