Barrell Craft Spirits Announces Release Gold Label 16-Year Bourbon Blend


November 30, 2021

Barrell Bourbon announced the releases of two new bourbons: Barrell Craft Spirits Gold Label Bourbon and Barrell New Year Bourbon 2022.

Gold Label spent two years in the process of blending and finishing, per a new release, the longest such process since Barrell began blending. It was finished using toasted finishing casks and is made up of some of the brand’s most mature barrels.

It comprises bourbons distilled in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee, all aged 16 or 17 years. Per the announcement, barrels chosen for this release were selected from four different collections: cherry bomb barrels with a rich mouthfeel, nutty oak-forward barrels, high proof and high complexity barrels, and barrels with pronounced milk chocolate notes. The last group underwent a secondary maturation in toasted virgin American oak casks before being added to the blend.

Gold Label was then bottled at 113.54 proof cask strength.

The New Year bourbon is an annual release wherein every autumn, Barrell’s blenders select a blend of bourbons to toast the new year. This year, a selection of 5, 6, 7, 9, 14-year-old straight bourbon whiskeys distilled in seven different state – from Tennessee to Texas – were blended together.

This blend will be bottled at 115.34 proof, also cask strength.