Fred Minnick Releases Trio of Limited-Edition, Bourbon-Infused Hot Sauces


December 14, 2021

Fred Minnick is finding new ways to incorporate his love of bourbon in the kitchen. The Fred Minnick Show Single Barrel Holiday Pack, a collection of three bourbon-infused hot sauces in partnership with local Louisville company Kentuxican, is available now.

Each of the three limited-edition hot sauces features unique expressions of Kentuxican hot sauce, each created from Minnick’s hand-selected bourbon picks. The pack comes with original, medium and hot flavors and can be purchased at the Kentuxican website.  (For a 10% discount, use the code “Fred” when you purchase.)

Here are descriptions of each sauce in the set:

Kentuxican Original Blend: The Level One hot sauce includes morita chile, habaneros, Carolina reapers and chile de arbol Yahualica, for a sweet and smoky flavor. 

The Fred Minnick Show Medium Blend: Kentuxican’s original recipe kicked up to Level Three with a bourbon hand-selected by Minnick. The sauce steps up the sensation with morita chile, 1.5x habaneros, 2.5x Carolina reapers and chile de arbol Yahualica. It is blended with three 100-proof bourbons and three cask strength bourbons that have previously been featured on The Fred Minnick Show.

“The back palate lights up here, tingling throughout,” Minnick said of the medium expression. “The habanero quickly comes on strong with subtle hints of Carolina reapers. Then, the whiskey shows with front-of-palate sweetness. The gentle caress of the oak with the brightness of fruit and spice from the peppers is just astonishing.”

Fred Minnick Cartoon Hot Blend: A truly special edition with an extra kick perfectly paired with a special pick, single barrel bourbon. The Level Six sauce includes morita chile, 3.5x habaneros, 4.5x Carolina reapers and chile de arbol Yahualica. It is the hottest sauce that Kentuxican has ever produced and features a blend of twelve different spirits — six bourbons and six ryes. 

“The sweetness from the bourbon and the spice of rye are magical when added with the right peppers,” says Minnick. “You immediately taste the herbal notes and lingering sweetness from the whiskey, but with 4.5x Carolina reapers, it’s going to be hot. It lights up the palate like a Christmas tree and lingers for minutes later.”